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   So how does a comic get featured on The Great Comics Crawl? Well, comic artists are interviewed via e-mail to tell the readers about their comics. They provide a few images for link buttons, and may also provide images to go with their interviews. When the interview is finished, the artist receives a special "I Was Featured" button to put on their site, that links to their interview here! Sharing the links helps viewers find new comics to follow, and helps comics of all kinds get more exposure and more traffic.

   How does the e-mail interview process work? First, the Merry Lurker (That's me!) will send you a list of "Starter Questions" that are the same for every comic. These are just basic questions that help us get a general idea of what the comic is about. After all the starter questions are answered, you'll receive a second list of "Follow-Up Questions" that ask specific things about your comic, based on the answers you gave to the Starter Questions. Images can be sent via attachments, or links. Once the interview is done, the artist will receive an "I Was Featured" button to put on their site, that links back to their comic's post on The Great Comics Crawl.

   What kind of images should I provide for an interview? The only image required is a 75x75 pixel image (or an image that may be modified to 75x75 pixels) that may be used as a "button" to link to your site from the category page. However, it's also recommended that you provide an avatar to represent you (and any collaborators), pictures of your characters, and examples of the art in your comics. The avatar may be either a picture of you, or a cartoon of whatever online alter-ego you write under. They help readers put a face to the name that's speaking in the interview. The pictures of characters, too, draw interest to the people in the story you created. Finally, nothing speaks more about your comic than an actual example of what the comic looks like. A few panels can go a long way! Keep in mind that if an image doesn't fit in the published article, the size may be adjusted. You can submit almost any other type of image you think to add, but bear in mind that NSFW material is not allowed.

   How do I get an interview? Artists and writers may be contacted by e-mail and asked for an interview. If you're a web comic artist, and you would like to be featured on The Great Comics Crawl, you can contact The Merry Lurker at MerryLurkerStudios@hotmail(dot)com and request an interview.

   What's the button for? Do I have to put it on my site? The "I Was Featured" button is a key part of what helps comics on this site get exposure. When you put the button on your site, readers who follow the button to the article you were featured in can learn more about your comic, and browse the rest of the site for other comics to add to their reading lists. This is how comics featured on The Great Comics Crawl widen their audiences, and mutually benefit each-other. If a website was to reap the benefits of advertising for free here, and not do their part by linking back, then that just wouldn't be fair! That's why adding the button to your comic's site is a requirement.

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